About Davinci Management

Inspired by the opportunity to seek a better way to develop and manage projects, Art Rosenberg formed Davinci Management, LLC in 2001. Davinci quickly became the catalyst he envisioned: a resource to bring experts with critical talents together on one team; land acquisition, design, fundraising, finance, and construction to a name a few. The possibilities are endless. The advantage to project innovators and managers is a seamless team of professionals, selected specifically for their needs, all working in one direction. Innovative, highly skilled, efficient; just some of the descriptors clients have used when working with Davinci Management.


Growing to meet client needs

The company grew in its ability to provide private fundraising services when, in 2013, through the acquisition of his company GivingPoint, President & Chief Operating Officer Shannon Schweigert joined Davinci as a partner, bringing with him 20+ years as a fundraising and project management professional. Shannon has established himself as an expert in fundraising systems and process creating a set of proprietary tools. The partnering of Davinci’s project management systems and its proprietary fundraising systems allows it to systematically provide its clients with the analytics necessary to complete projects on budget, on time, limiting in-process issues that may delay or derail completion.